Thanks to my Kickstarter backers I have purchased RT air tickets, paid for the 2 month residency, and rented a car.  Now I just have to get on the plane and hit the ground running.  My first order of business upon arriving in Reykjavik will be to purchase Airmail postage stamps for the artwork I’ll be mailing to my KS backers.  My backers at the $15 level (about 20 people, plus some extras I’ll be sending as a surprise, ssssh) will be getting a relief print that I will cut and hand print at Gullkistan.   My backers at the $25 level (about 15) will receive in the mail a small painted or drawn sketch. I will be doing these sketches as part of my daily practice.   Making these sketches will help to sharpen my focus on the landscape in preparation for the acrylic paintings I will be doing as the core of my residency.  I have packed relief plates, black relief ink, a breyar, and a small selection of knives and gouges.  For the sketches I have my small watercolor kit and the water soluble colored pencils that I always travel with. The paper is already cut and folded, the envelopes are packed. I am estimating the postage will cost about $120 to fulfill all the orders.

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