Welcome to Iceland

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Yesterday was settling in day.  I set up my corner of the large studio where I will work, and the view from the window is magnificent.  The rain clouds rush by dumping buckets of rain and then the sky quickly clears,  the landscape is constantly changing.


The effect of sunlight through a distant rain is really capturing my imagination.  I am ready to work!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Iceland

  1. Christina Krupp

    The weather-scenes will be spectactular! I thought you’d also love the lava-mossfields – have you seen any of those yet? The green is unearthly. And the grassy fields – such a variety of colors and textures. And if you can get a sheep or horse to stand still long enough, that would be neat to capture, too. You’ll have no shortage of unique and inspiring imagery. Can you tell how jealous I am?

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      Chris, Iceland is even more spectacular that I ever imagined. I am completely awestruck. I am a 40 minute drive from Selfoss and along the route are sloping, tumbling mountainsides of moss-capped boulders. 2 months will not be enough to take it all in, even if I never stray from my stomping ground here in South Iceland

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