On the way to Thingvellir


This is the kind of landscape I came here to see! I have started making studies of the mountains,  the effect of distance and weather is endlessly fascinating. IMG_1396

For now I feel like a little ant gathering up seeds for winter.  The weather is still relatively good, so I am outside as much as possible painting small gouache and watercolors.  These will be food for the wet and wintery weather that is on the way, when I will be keeping warm inside the studioIMG_1407

And here are a couple of quick, small paintings of Hekla, white queen.  I wonder how many more clear days there will be.  She stays mostly hidden.


4 thoughts on “On the way to Thingvellir

  1. Christina Krupp

    You’re off to a great start! Hekla is magnetic, and magic. She’ll appear to you at the right time. Meanwhile, there are so many nearby wonders… Enjoy!

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      Thanks B! I am thinking of you often in this walker’s paradise. So glad I brought along the wind/rain pants, I am in them more often than not, makes the misty rain not only bearable, but even pleasant. It’s not too cold.


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