Now I am painting. What was I doing before?

Today I feel like I REALLY painted.  I mean really flinging the paint around (lol), and creating a juicy loaded surface.  Well, everything is relative I guess, but it was a breakthrough for me and I was having fun: looking and looking, mixing the colors I needed, and getting them onto the panel.  Basic, right?  How satisfying to just work.  I may feel differently about these paintings later, they can use some tweaking here and there, who knows I might end up scraping them all off.  But for now I’ll let them live as witnesses to a good day of work.

IMG_1645 IMG_1646


Anyway, how can you go wrong in a landscape like this?

IMG_1605 IMG_1613 IMG_1632


6 thoughts on “Now I am painting. What was I doing before?

  1. Ingrid Nagin

    Went back to look at the sketch/painting I loved….”mountain in white with mauve haze”* these new paintings are beautifully graphic too with more motion. Wonder where you are going…cezanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire, or diebenkorn???
    *Maybe early Milton Avery and color infatuation Mark Rothko. lb


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