Leaves are graygreen

More WCW today. Here, I’ll just copy down the whole thing:

William Carlos Williams, “Lines” (1921)

Leaves are graygreen,
the glass broken, bright green.

Just a reminder to myself to be concise with selection and editing as I paint, and precise with color.

Here are some of the mountain studies from today and yesterday. Lots of graygreen moss around. The first one is 16″ x 13″, the second is a small acrylic sketch on handmade paper, about 6″ x 5″.

Alas, I bought a huge stash of Icelandic Lopi wool today, so it will take all my willpower to not get sidetracked with knitting hats.

7 thoughts on “Leaves are graygreen

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      Thanks. The forms and colors in the mountainsides are so varied and interesting, I keep going back to that in my painting.

      Looking forward to your next installment of Iceland pics from your travels!

  1. Christina Krupp

    You can knit on the plane ride back home…. But for now, you’re working so hard, and you need a *little* recreational therapy! I think, while your hands are busy with the wool, your mind’s eye can be forming and refining the next images you want to paint.

  2. Jennifer Rosner

    It won’t hurt to knit a bit here and there to use your brain and hands in a different way…. Just my opinion 😉

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      It’s a perfect way to end the day. Also to keep from going to bed too early! It is necessary to bundle up and go outside every clear night when it’s fully dark. Scan the sky for traces of an aurora, and THEN bundle off to bed.


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