The Great Grayness

The Great Blueness and other Predicaments, a book from my childhood, is about a colorless, gray city. When colors spilled from the cauldrons of a magician/chemist, the population was in turns blinded, agitated and depressed by the introduction of the colors yellow, red and blue. When the 3 primaries were carefully blended, harmony was restored and the city bloomed with color. But imagine if the colors kept on blending, and blending again, their world would be restored to a nuanced, liminal, dreamlike gray. That is the world I am living in right now.


IMG_2635In a different world, five hours East of Laugarvatn, I saw the otherworldly blue of glacier ice floating in a lagoon.  This is a small quick sketch of the ice, with the glacier in the background, about 8″x 6″.IMG_2637

It was incredibly exciting to sit with this view and try to capture some of the colors.  It was also a deeply peaceful moment, time frozen, with silence all around except for the muffled sound of dripping water.  I am hoping for two days of good weather in the forecast for October, then I can go back to this site for a two day ice-painting marathon.

4 thoughts on “The Great Grayness

  1. Christina Krupp

    Mmmm, I can feel your creative ferment! So much to assimilate – colors and shapes and textures. This is what you do so well – translating what you see, to what you feel about what you see, and then reflecting that inner process for us on canvas, to make it exterior again. There are always the layers, and layers, between what “is” and what “seems”. I really admire your ability to face this, and grapple with it. You are a translator in a language, no, a medium that is unfamiliar to me. It’s so fascinating! Strive on…. it’s so deliciously awesome, what you are doing. I love you!!!


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