Seeing a stretch of warm-ish weather with little-to-no wind in the forecast, I decided to drive back Jokulsarlon, a favorite spot that I mentioned in an earlier post, “The Great Greyness”.  I went back to experience the profound quiet of this beautiful place, and to soak it in as much as possible.  I did a few small paintings, all around 6 x 8, 8 x10.  My eyes were refreshed by the change of palette and the change of scenery.   Here are some of my quick impressions:

IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3511

Once again time stood still, in the ice, in the vapor of the cold air, in the drift of the tide, in the deep silence.  It was very hard to leave.  I hope that I can keep the memory of this place fresh and vivid, and recall it when I hustle back to my busy life in Philadelphia.

7 thoughts on “Jokulsarlon

  1. allesistgut

    Your paintings capture the scenery very good. And lucky you that you met Jökulsárlon in silence. The noise the amphibious vehicles made (which sail tourists over the lagoon in the main season) are very annoying. Nevertheless, I love this place. Did you gone to the beach, too?

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      I guess I was lucky my visit was so peaceful. The beach is beautiful, too, I was very impressed with the movement of the tide in and out of the lagoon over the course of the day, and how much movement there is with the ice, in the morning there was very little ice on the beach, but by the evening it was covered with huge pieces.
      I did go out to the island, by the way, and found a great spot to paint, I really loved the landscape and the huge presence of the ocean, which I am missing up in my corner at Laugarvatn.


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