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The Kickstarter wrap-up

First of all…here is the sweater I knit with some of the wool I bought at Alda’s shop.  I love it, it’s like wearing a giant icelandic hug.  I am standing at my workbench at the Library Company of Philadelphia.


Since returning home 6 weeks ago, I have been very busy preparing my artwork in order to fulfill the remainder of my Kickstarter rewards.  Those who purchased the $125 (1 framed sketch) and $200 (2 framed sketches) are receiving these small acrylic paintings.  I have already mailed out paintings to Colorado, Kansas, California, New Jersey among other states across the US.  Here is how they look ready to be sent, in this tier ($125 and $200) there are 17 pieces in all to mat, frame and deliver:  Image 9

  KS6sm Looking back, I can see that with these sketches, and the others, I was truly breaking new ground in my painting practice. They were my first steps towards abstraction and liberating myself from “direct response” landscape painting. Not only were these significant pieces in my oeuvre, they also represent a nice little upgrade for my backers, as I had originally promised a pencil or watercolor sketch.


My backers from the $450 level are receiving their choice of an 8×10 acrylic painting.  This is how they look, ready for exhibit at my 2 day house show.

Holiday sale 2013 jpeg - Version 2

In all, I mounted and framed 24 paintings ranging in size from 8 x 10 to 16 x 20, and I have another 12 paintings “in reserve” for framing later on.


IMG_0011_2     IMG_0009_2

It was very gratifying to see the work all framed, and the exhibit was a success.  Some of my Kickstarter backers even chose to “trade up” to a larger size painting.

I can now say that my Kickstarter campaign is done.  It has been a very productive 6 months, from the launch back in May, through the 2 month residency at Gullkistan, and culminating in a house show of my new collection of paintings.  In so many respects this has been a critical period for me personally, professionally and artistically.

Thanks to everyone for following my blog.  It was so good to feel your interest in what I was doing in Iceland, and I enjoyed thinking about how to articulate my experience. Your enthusiasm, encouragement and just your presence added so much to my experience of being there.

I will be updating my website with the new collection of paintings:  I am not sure yet what form my blogging will take, but I hope to get something up and running this winter…in preparation for my next residency…perhaps my next Kickstarter project…

I just can’t wait to see what happens next!  Love from Andrea