Monthly Archives: August 2014

Making Prints

My solo show at 22 Gallery in Philadelphia will open in October, only 2 months from now.  Needless to say, I am busy working on pieces for the show.  In the winter I made a series 2-color woodcuts, and I finally printed the editions (printing 5 of each) this weekend.  The small bone tool that you see laying on the print is my favorite hand-printing tool.  I have been using this same bone folder for printing since I first started printing woodcuts by hand, in 1980.


Here’s how they look drying on the wall of my basement print studio:




And here’s a new woodcut with some nice rich color.  Looks familiar?  It’s the same composition as as stencil print/monoprint I did a month or so ago, for a series that I’m calling Saga.