Whiteness? Brightness!

I am continually puzzling to understand the color of the snow.  In good weather the sun shines on Olafsfjorður for a few hours each day, technically from 10:00 am to 4:00pm, perceptibly shorter every day.   But the light precedes sunrise and continues long after sun down.  The snowy mountains surrounding the town are like giant reflectors that bounce the light around, illuminating the opposing mountainsides with a mysterious glow.  The winter light up North here is weird and beautiful… and magical… and inspiring.

I have been feeling my way along, painting lots, but floundering around to make sense of all this atmosphere.   I am pretty excited about a couple of paintings in progress.  They might not survive tomorrow’s assault, but here they are in their current state:

Siglufjorður, 16 x 20IMG_7042


Across the lake, 16 x 20







5 thoughts on “Whiteness? Brightness!

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      Hi Noelle, I haven’t seen much of the moon lately, too many clouds. I am also hoping to see the Aurora. It’s dark enough by 7:00 or 8:00 pm, so I have no excuse not to get outside and look. It may require driving a short way out of town. The street lights, unfortunately, are very bright, and there are plenty of them in this small town.

  1. shellie

    so sorry we missed your Philadelphia show last month. Your work looks great though! Is it cold there? Its been in the 20’s here in the catskill mts. I imagine it would be hard to paint in that temp for too long, but where there’s a will there’s a way, right? Miss you and hope to see you sometime soon. Safe travels


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