I am a visual artist.  I make pictures to hang on walls.

My mission as an artist is to find meaning in my life though the process of looking, reflecting and creating.  I make art because it helps me understand who I am.  The poet Rilke said that to be alive fully is to find your way to the fullest expression of your being.  That is my direction, my fingerpost: Go Deeper.

My art is a product of silence, dreaming, watching, working, and failing… and patience, letting fear subside, letting the censors leave the room… and working again.

I spend many solitary hours reflecting.  I have approached my art-making as a mirror of light and form in nature; as a way to deeply experience, and capture, the impossibly ephemeral here and now.

Now I see memento mori all around me, as artists do at mid-life. “We bones, lying here bare, await yours.”   Now I position my mirror of the world in a place behind my eyes, so that I can create artwork that is born of nature, but is more interior, more synthesized, more me.

I want my artwork to touch the deep nerve of humanity that runs through every individual.  I want to work with a sense of humility, and present my artwork without puffery. I recognize my place among all artists, before and after my time. This does not worry me!  It makes me feel a part of the world.

Andrea Krupp 

July, 2014


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