Creating connections

 Yesterday we presented our selves and our work to the Gullkistan community.   The directors of Gullkistan, Alda Sigurthardottir and Kristveig Halldorsdottir have created a wonderful nurturing space that encourages creativity and connection.  In residence along with me, for now, are: Laura Marconi, a painter from Philadelphia and my friend; Adrian McGruther, a composer and sound designer from Sidney, Australia, (;  Jeanne Borensztajn, student in fine art from Paris, France; Juliette Marie, student in fine art in Lorient (Bretagne); Noémie Letu, a photographer from Montreal, Canada ( and Yasser Fadili, a videographer, Montreal, Canada (  It has been a wonderful experience so far, and I love the sense of camaraderie and shared adventure.

Here are some pictures from our presentations.

L-R  Laura, Jeanne, Juliette, NoemieImage

ImageL-R  Adrian, Jeanne, Juliette, Laura, Grima, Alda

ImageYasser and Noemie

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