The eye of the blackbird

It was evening all afternoon.
It was snowing
And it was going to snow.
The blackbird sat
In the cedar-limbs.

Today the true winter palette of Iceland was revealed.  The color and mood of this day are captured in Wallace Stevens’ poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.  Here is the link to the whole poem…I’ll wait while you go read it.

Now you know what kind of a dream state I was in all day as I worked in the studio.  This is the mountain behind the farm, Laugarvatnsfjall, 16 x 20

IMG_3255And a view across the fields from the window of the library in town, about 8×11


18 thoughts on “The eye of the blackbird

      1. Lois

        Lucky you,how wonderful… will that be captured on canvas? When i went it was misty the whole time, didn’t spoil my enjoyment but I didn’t see the Lights… next time!!

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      Thank you. I am thinking of driving back to Jokulsarlon to do more painting there for a day or 2, and maybe stop over in the Westman Islands for a night, have you been there?

      1. allesistgut

        Yes, I visited both, Jökulsárlon and Westman Islands. I have to say Westman Islands wasn’t my favorite place in Iceland. 😉 But maybe it’s yours. So go for it!

  1. Christina Krupp

    Northern Lights, you lucky dog!!! But I wanted to say, thanks for reminding me about the W. Stevens blackbirds… I love that printed folio you did so long ago, with all of those birds. Have you seen a proper Icelandic hrafn yet? Huge, with all- knowing eyes … You can see why Odin had these birds sitting on his broad shoulders.

    1. andreakrupp Post author

      I have seen the Hrafn, they are so big and black, you can hear their feathers creaking as they work their wings. Some different kinds of geese, some swanlike white ones, and some buff colored geese grazing in the buff colored fields.


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